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This is the artwork my granddaughter submitted to the yearbook committee at her school. Not only did she do a great job, but she won first place in the entire fifth grade! She graciously consented to let me show off her work and interview her for my blog this week.
photo (1)1. Tell us about the contest. Who, what, when, where? Well, our school has a year book probably just like your own school so we have a contest to decide the year book cover so a bunch of kids enter, hoping to win and judges (teachers) decide the winner.
2. How did you decide what to draw for your  contest entry? I started off by sketching a few designs on my Mom’s white board.
3. What do you like best about Art? I like that you have the freedom to draw what you want and when you want.
4. What are your favorite colors? My favorite colors to use and my favorite colors are two different things.My favorite colors to use are the darker colors I love doing shadows.My favorite colors are orange, red ,yellow,and navy blue.
5. What is your favorite subject to draw? I love drawing portraits and real stuff.
6. What is your favorite medium? paint? colored pencils? pastels? I like them all but my favorite has to be colored pencils.
7.  How long ago did you discover Art? I have been doing Art ever since I could hold something.
8. Do you plan to take Art classes in middle school? We can do art in 7th grade here and if I dislike band I for sure will do art.
9. Tell me about some of your projects. ex: making cards, making posters, etc. Well I have won a few contests this year. I won a Christmas card decorating contest, and I won this one. I do art every chance I get, and try to enter every contest.
Thanks for coming, Ashlyn. I love the drawing and look forward to seeing more.