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January 2014 is about to become a thing of the past, and I think I’m finally getting back on task. Every year I map out what I expect the next twelve months to bring, along with everything I hope to accomplish. My mental wheels start spinning with all good intention, but I end up getting nowhere. It’s always that way. I guess it’s my mind’s way of saying ‘I’m tired, and I need a break, so don’t expect anything from me until the first of February.’
I don’t expect this year to be all work and no play, however. In addition to things I hope to accomplish, there are some fun things I’m anxiously awaiting.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock and have never read Diana Gabaldon’s wonderful Outlander books, you’ve already heard something about the mini-series, debuting on Starz this summer.
I read the first book in 1991, right after it came out. When I finished it, I remember wishing the author would write a sequel. I didn’t find out until years later she did just that. One day, my daughter-in-law, Nicole, mentioned “I just finished a book you’ve got to read. It’s wonderful.’ Of course, it was Outlander. When Nicole told me she’d written four or five more, it made my day. Since then, I’ve read all of them and am impatiently waiting for the next one.
I have no trouble admitting I’m an Outlander Addict. In fact, I’ve followed every tidbit of news since I discovered it was going to become a mini-series. Like all the other fans, I was filled with angst over casting. It had to be right. Especially Jamie and Claire.
I needn’t have worried. When I saw the trailer and the actors, the characters came to life. Their expressions. The music. The words: ‘What if your future was the past?” I get chills and have trouble breathing even thinking about it. If you haven’t had a chance, read the books. If you’re not a reader, watch the miniseries. Sam Hueghan is drool-worthy, plus he and Caitriona Balfe have a great onscreen chemistry. Join me.
Whatever night Outlander is showing, you will find me glued to the television, box of tissues ready, along with a fan for the steamy scenes. Don’t expect me to answer the phone. If you must call, leave a message, and I’ll return it sometime later…after I’ve pulled myself together.
I. can’t. wait.