Why You Should Attend a Writers' Conference

It seems as though this year is flying by even faster than usual. At times it’s been a blur. The annual Northeast Texas Writers’ Association conference was here before I knew it. Even as busy as things have been, though, I couldn’t miss it. I’m so glad I didn’t.

Ron and Caryl McAdoo did a wonderful job as conference directors as did all those who helped behind the scenes. Over the course of two days I learned about characterization and dialogue, ways to layer writing, dynamic storytelling, creating depth in our writing and 30 Steps to use social media (something we all need these days.) I had a wonderful lunch and got the chance to network with other writers and agents.

If you’ve never taken the opportunity to attend a writers’ conference in your area, do it now. Why are you waiting? Whether you are aspiring to be an author or have been published, even if you fall somewhere in between, it’s a wonderful way to get excited about your craft. And who knows? You may make that contact that will start you on the road to getting that manuscript published.

The first year I attended, I submitted a sample of my manuscript to an editor from Tor. I was so nervous when I met her I could hardly breathe. When she requested a full manuscript, you can imagine my surprise. My stomach already felt like it was filled with writhing snakes.
She didn’t offer me a contract, but she was kind enough to read my manuscript and give me some very good advice. I heeded it, worked to improve, continued to pitch to editors and agents and two years later, I did sign my first contract.

Attend writers’ conferences every chance you get. Join an online critique group. Submit your work. Learn. Improve. Keep writing.