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A Simple Kindness

You never know what your kind words or actions can mean to someone else. Little things we can all do and things that don’t take a lot of thought or planning. Sometimes it just happens. I had the chance to observe the results of this firsthand recently.

My daughter works with special needs children. At times it can be frustrating until she figures out the key to reaching each child. Sometimes these children are extremely bright, but they don’t learn in a conventional manner. One of the children she’s worked with over the years is autistic.

It has always been difficult for him to interact with others, especially in a crowd. Over the years, my daughter has managed to establish a rapport with him. Still it was a surprise to see his reaction when she and I came into a local restaurant full of people one evening last week. The boy was there with his father, and the minute he saw her, his face lit up and he rushed over, greeting her like an old friend. Not only was he excited to see her, but he made sure she told his dad hello as well.

It was a heartwarming thing to see and made me so proud of my daughter. She’s managed to show him she cares, and I’m sure he’ll never forget it.