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fall in the country

Another one of the traditions in our family is to take long drives out in the country, particularly during the changing of the seasons. When we first moved to east Texas, it thrilled me to learn we’d actually get to enjoy fall weather. In south Texas, where I was raised, it wasn’t unheard of to go trick or treating wearing shorts and flip flops or celebrate Thanksgiving with the air conditioner going full blast and sweating over the turkey.

fall swing

We’ve been known to drive for hours down oil top roads and over rickety bridges past old deserted houses and through cemeteries, stopping to look at the dates and wonder about the people laid to rest there. Who were they? Where did they come from? What were their dreams and hopes? We’ve driven past abandoned community centers and old school buildings that used to serve a community long gone.

And since we live within driving distance of Pittsburg, Carthage, Paris, Omaha, and Palestine, (Texas, that is) we can cover a lot of ground on a Sunday afternoon drive.