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ghostly clues

My guest today is Kay LaLone, fellow author with MuseItUp Publishing. Welcome back! It’s good to have you here again. Why don’t you tell everyone a little bit about yourself

I’m Kay LaLone. Ghostly Clues is my first middle grade novel published by MuseItUp. I live in Michigan with my husband and teenage son (two older sons and a daughter-in-law live nearby) and two dogs and a cat. I love to get up every morning and write about ghosts, the paranormal, and things that go bump in the night. I write PB, MG and YA novels. No matter the books I write, I want my readers to feel like they have met a new friend. I’m an avid reader of just about any type of book (mystery, paranormal, and ghost stories are my favorite). I do reviews and post them on my website and blog. I love to collect old books, antiques, and collectibles. You can find many of my antiques and collectibles selling on ebay and at fleamarkets.

There is nothing more fun than wandering around an antique mall or fleamarket, looking for garage sales, is there?

How often do you write? Mostly I write every day. Writing makes me feel like I have accomplished something and makes my day complete.

Are you a plotter, a pantser or some combination of both? I’m a pantser. I have to write my character’s story first whether it makes sense or not. Then I go through many stages of revising.

I’ve read Ghostly Clues and loved it. Tell us about one of your WIPs. I have a lot of WIPs. Recently I have started revising a story about a teenage girl who has visions. These visions lead her into trouble and danger.

Who is your favorite character from your book and why? The main character, Sarah Kay because she is a lot like me. In Ghostly Clues she experiences a spooky thing that I experienced when I was her age.

Tell me, what is the best compliment you ever received as a writer? The best compliment I received as a writer came from my mother-in-law. She read Ghostly Clues and said she cried after the first chapter because the grandma died. I like to write books that affect my readers that much. I have another book coming out Summer/2015, Family Secret, and I have already warned her she’ll cry again.

What do you like to do when you aren’t writing? I like to read, watch movies, but most of all I love to spend time with family.

What is the one thing you never seem to have enough time for? Writing. I have all these story ideas floating in my head and I never seem to have the time to get them all down.

Ghostly Clues

The sweet scent of lilacs permeates the air around Grandma’s gravesite. Only Sarah Kay can smell Grandma’s favorite flower, and they’re not even in bloom.

Sarah Kay and her best friend, Mary Jane, believe the lilacs are a sign from Grandma’s ghost. The girls follow one ghostly clue after another, uncovering a secret that Mom never wanted Sarah Kay to know.

Grandma makes sure Sarah Kay gets the message even from the grave.


The house was blanketed in a quiet slumber. I snuggled under the sleeping bag with Allison, trying not to think about ghosts, as I drifted to sleep.

Random pictures floated in my mind like ghostly images.

I tiptoed among tombstones and my heart ached as if I had lost something or someone. He had to be here, somewhere. The gravestones rose like stone walls. No names engraved on them. No dates. No R.I.P. Nothing. Just smooth, flat stones. Ghosts—grayish, smoky forms with black eyes—floated over the tombstones. I shivered, suddenly cold, freezing. My breath visible like a little ghost. I didn’t want to look at the ghost anymore so I looked down at my feet. A tombstone with Grandma’s name appeared out of nowhere. The earth moved. The dirt around the headstone broke away and gnarled fingers clawed their way into the air, searching, grasping. Shriveled fingers clutched my leg.

Something grabbed at my leg—the hand, I screamed and frantically wiggled out of my sleeping bag, bumping MJ as I tried to get away from the hand I thought I felt grab at my leg.

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MuseItUp http://museituppublishing.com/bookstore/index.php/museityoung/ghostly-clues-detail



As I said, I’ve read Ghostly Clues and really enjoyed it. I gave it a 4 star rating and this was my review on Amazon.

It’s difficult enough for any girl to deal with finding herself on the brink of becoming a teenager, but when Sarah Kay (SK to her best friend) must deal with the death of her beloved grandmother, it’s almost more than she can bear. If that isn’t enough, she discovers her father wasn’t killed in a car wreck years before after all. Her bff, Mary Jane, is the kind of special friend everyone needs when they’re growing up. She helps Sarah Kay on her journey of discovery. Ghostly Clues is filled with séances, strange noise, spooky attics and messages from beyond the grave. It’s just the kind of book kids will love, and yet there’s more. Kay LaLone writes a touching story about having to say goodbye to those we love before we are ready and learning that adults sometimes make the wrong decisions, too.

I enjoyed visiting with you again, Kay. You’ll have to come back when your next book comes out. I can’t wait to read it.