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Today, I’m turning my blog over to a fellow author from MuseItUp, the super organized John Rosenman. He’s made my job easy. What an imagination he must have. His stories really sound fascinating! Take it away, John.


Hi. Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a retired English professor who plays a lot of tennis, at least when the weather’s friendly. I’ve also published twenty books and three hundred short stories, most of them in the science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, and horror genres. Two of my major themes are the endless, mind-stretching wonders of the universe and the limitless possibilities of transformation—sexual, cosmic, and otherwise. I’m the former Chairman of the Board of the Horror Writers Association and the previous editor of Horror Magazine.

inspector_333x500-2When it comes to writing, a surprising thing has happened to me. I never thought it would take to my seventies before I wrote my first fiction series (The Inspector of the Cross series). Thirty-four years ago, I wrote a novel called Inspector of the Cross about a half black, half white man named Turtan who is nearly 4000 years old.  Why? Because this elite agent or Inspector travels in freeze ships in suspended animation from planet to planet to investigate reports of devices or weapons that might turn the tide against humanity’s vicious and seemingly invincible alien enemy.  In the process, our hero has outlived many generations, including his own children and countless lovers.  He has also almost singlehandedly saved humanity. However, if he doesn’t find a solution, we are ultimately doomed anyway.

I thought it was a cool concept.  I even had Turtan and a member of the enemy flying down the raging, mind-warping tunnel of a black hole together. Trouble was, I couldn’t sell the novel.

Flash forward over three decades.  I dug the story out, revised it, sent it to MuseItUp Publishing, they accepted it, it received excellent editing, and it was published.

Inspector of the Cross has received excellent reviews, and for the first time in my life, I’ve found one of my characters acquiring a life and staying power of his own.  In the sequel Kingdom of the Jax, Turtan continues to travel about the galaxy, experiencing adventures and encountering dangers from emperor and aliens alike. Marvels and mind-blowing wonders abound.


In Book 3, Defender of the Flame, Turtan returns to the space academy he graduated from 4000 years before for a glorious homecoming.  He believes he finally possesses the weapon he needs to defeat the aliens and win the 5000 year war, but he must have the cooperation of officials at the First Station to do so.  Will he get that cooperation or will he only be betrayed once again by his own leaders? If that happens, the people will die, and humanity itself will be doomed to extinction.

Defender of the Flame 333x500


Currently I’m at work on Book 4, Conqueror of the Stars, in which more adventures await our hero.   Please stay tuned.


Recently, MuseItUp released a four book bundle of my fiction, The Amazing Worlds of John B. Rosenman.   My publisher made up the title, so please don’t think I’m vain even though I am. This collection contains four books—two novels and two short stories.   One of the stories, The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes won Preditor’s and Editor’s 2011 Reader’s Poll award for best SF/F short story. It exemplifies one of the two major themes I mention above: the limitless possibilities of transformation. Rachel Ross contracts a mysterious disease which makes people fear and shun her.   Soon her body starts to change in strange ways. What will she turn into? If you’ve ever had a strange disease or illness which doctors found hard to diagnose, then this tale might resonate for you.


As for me, about the time this story was published, I fell sick with a mysterious disease which my doctor was unable to diagnose.   “Could I have cancer?” I finally asked him when I’d lost nearly thirty pounds and he had run every test.   What happened to me? What was the disease?   Did I die? Ah, that’s another story.

 MerryGoRoundMan cover

Some of my fiction belongs in other categories.   For example, I write humor as well as metafiction (fiction that often pokes fun of fiction itself and the act of writing it). And yes, I’ve written some mainstream or realistic fiction.   For example, The Merry-Go-Round Man is a novel that takes place in the 1950’s mostly in Ohio, and it’s based on three kids I knew. This is a coming-of-age/rite of passage story featuring violence, sexual initiation, and self-discovery. Do you believe in destiny or that anyone can ever change it or escape his fate?   One day when they are twelve, Jimmy Wiggins says that the boy who climbs first to the top of the school merry-go-round will be The Merry-Go-Round Man, or a winner for the rest of his life. So the three boys run to the merry-go-round and scramble madly over each other’s bodies to reach the top first. Who will win, and will he really be “The King of the Mountain” until he dies?


My thanks to Susan for hosting me, and I invite you all to write me about anything. My e-mail is jroseman@cox.net or johnr829@gmail.com, and my website is www.johnrosenman.com. You can also visit my Amazon Author Page at http://www.amazon.com/John-B.-Rosenman/e/B001KMN69E.

Check out John’s books at these links.

INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS – http://amzn.to/1xfv02X

KINGDOM OF THE JAX – http://amzn.to/1O77OsL

DEFENDER OF THE FLAME – http://amzn.to/1Cuc6G1

THE MERRY-GO-ROUND MAN – http://amzn.to/1DBdKap


Thanks for coming again, John. You are welcome to come back and visit anytime!