It’s been weeks since I’ve posted on my blog. And it’s not because I’m having too much fun. I haven’t been on an extended vacation. I didn’t win the lottery. I wasn’t kidnapped by a swashbuckling pirate nor have I time-traveled to an alternate dimension. Sigh… Nothing exciting like that.

I don’t really have any excuses. You know how it is. Things you have to do get in the way of things you want to do. Now I’m back, and I hope you’ve missed me. Just a little, anyway. Summer is not a very productive time of the year for me. I tend to be loose focus. And this year has been worse than usual.

My plans are to continue Dinner and a Movie Monday. I’ve seen some good new movies and revisited some classics. I can’t wait to feature them with some good recipes. I’ve got several interviews in the works. Xander’s Tangled Web should be out sometime this fall, and I’ll be posting updates and excerpts soon. I’m also working on a YA novel about a young boy growing up in the Texas hill country and finishing up the third installment of my time travel series.

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and there’s always lots of neat stuff going on in our small town I’ll be sharing. So stay tuned!