Recently my husband and I watched Interstellar, starring Matthew McConnaughey. He is Cooper, a NASA pilot who retired to become a farmer in a dying world. He becomes involved with a scientist and travels through a wormhole to find a new world for humanity.

I have to say his portrayal of a father torn between doing what he thought was right for the future and having to leave his family behind was very moving. He cannot bring himself to turn down the chance to make a difference, even though he’s leaping into the unknown.

Not only is he risking his life, but he will not return until years into the future. Because he is a father, I think he understood the emotions involved in making such a decision. This was one of those “what if” movies that really makes you think.

It’s a long movie…over two hours. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve got the time to sit down and concentrate on what’s happening. But I definitely think it’s worth it. The scenery is stark and beautiful. The characters are relatable, and the message is definitely important.


Fried Okra

Don’t laugh. If you watch the movie, you’ll get the connection. My version of friend okra is simple.

Wash okra and slice. Coat with cornmeal. Dip in mixture of 1/2 cup milk, beaten egg, salt and pepper. Dip in cornmeal again. Fry in olive oil in cast iron skillet. Drain on paper towels before serving.