we're no angels

My sister had taped this movie from TMC and we watched it during our New Year’s Even marathon of movies. It’s not a new one, but it was fun.

Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov star in this 1955 comedy as three convicts who escape from prison on Devil’s Island just before Christmas. They happen upon a store in a nearby French colonial town, managed by the Ducotel family. While there, they notice its roof is leaking, and offer to fix it, intending to remain until nightfall, steal clothes and supplies and escape on a ship waiting in the harbor.

When they realize how kind the family really is, they have a change of heart  and that’s where the fun begins. They discover Felix, Amelie, and daughter Isabelle, are in financial distress and offer their services. Joseph cons customers and falsifies records to make the store appear to be prosperous. They prepare them a delicious Christmas dinner for the family using stolen goods.

In the middle of things, store owner Andre Trochard arrives from Paris with his nephew Paul and plans to take over the store. I have seen the movie many times, and I especially enjoy seeing these actors play the part of the less than honest convicts with a soft spot in their hearts. Humphrey Bogart’s sarcasm is delightful. If you have an hour and a half and you’re in the mood for a good chuckle, this is the movie for you.

English Christmas Dinner

Turkey Dinner

I used to think roasting a turkey was difficult. Until I was grown and actually cooked one. All I do is spray mine with olive oil so it turns a nice golden brown, put it on foil in a turkey roaster with the lid off and cook using the directions on the package…easy peasy.

The fixin’s are far more complicated. And it depends on where you live. In the south, we do cornbread stuff, cranberries, candied yams, green bean casserole, fruit salad and brown and serve rolls. For dessert, there are lots of pies to pick from.

A turkey dinner is good eating, no matter where you come from or what kind of dressing you prefer. Don’t you agree?