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Today’s post has nothing to do with writing. Correction–it flutters around the edges of my writing life, but the star of this post is my Knight in Slightly Muddy Armor and his Invisible Gang of Game Domination.  As I write this, I have my headphones on and music pouring in, but it still does nothing to drown out the harsh battle cries behind me.

Invisible man

Those who’ve trailed along my blog for any length of time, understand that I am outnumbered in my humble abode. To the point I had to bring in the Fur Minxes to even the gender scales. With my beautiful, female labs at my side, we manage to hold off the tide of testosterone. For the most part.

Except for the Digital Arena of Epic Battles.

My Prankster Duo has graduated from the dignified world of architectural design known as MineCraft, and have joined my Knight on…

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