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Tomorrowland is a 2015 movie, directed and co-written by Brad Bird and stars George Clooney. The actor always amazes me. He’s never been one of my favorites, but whenever I see him in movies like this one, I’m reminded of the kind of actor he is when he doesn’t portray the suave, debonair and less than honest character he usually portrays. It’s hard to say whether he’s acting in the former roles and being himself in the latter or vice versa. In this one, he plays Frank, a disillusioned genius inventor who travels to Tomorrowland with Casey, teenage science enthusiast, to change the future which is affecting the past.

Frank and Casey team up to prevent it from happening. It’s a race against time in more ways than one. The movie played to mixed reviews, despite the stunning visuals and good acting (in my opinion). It was one of those simple films you didn’t have to spend time dissecting to enjoy.

Tomorrowland is a place that reminds me of the kind of future envisioned in the fifties. All shiny rockets and jetpacks in a vivid blue sky filled with tall buildings and monorails. The kind of world where you’d expect to see Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon. A world of imagination. world fair photo

I’m not going to include a recipe this week simply because when I think of a fair I think of corn dogs, cotton candy, fried ice cream, funnel cakes, and all kinds of things we loved as children. A recipe simple wouldn’t do them justice.

Close your eyes. Let your senses take over. Listen to the sound of people having fun, breathe in the tantalizing smell of the vendor food.

Turn back the clock for a little while and enjoy!!