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I received an unsolicited email a few weeks ago from Ola Adamska, a young college student. She expressed an interest in reading and reviewing Not Long Ago, the first book in my Time Travel series. I’m always delighted to find someone who has discovered my books and is interested in reading them. Especially someone who fits into my demographics. But it’s especially nice to learn I have a new fan from Warsaw, Poland. Long story short, she read it. She liked it. Afterwards she posted the following review on Goodreads and told me I had a new fan!

i recived this book for free in exchange for honest review. the begining is so misterious, that it make reader to think: omg why? I want to know more 😉 in this book we have a lot of action and plot twists. There are happy and sad moments to share with characters. I Was afraid to find Erin little and well not being able to deal with it on her own. but she Was great!! and time thing was very sirprising to me. you will find more when you read 😉 I recommend book especially to wemen wto like romances in medieval 😉 and when femele character isn’t helpless 😉 very good pice of work 😉

What a great way to start my Tuesday.