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img_0667In a recent post I mentioned I had talented friends and family. Here’s the first in a series of features about them.

I grew up in a family used to taking what they had and making something better out of it. My sisters and I watched our father restore furniture rescued from second-hand stores. An excellent seamstress, my mother passed along her skills. We rarely bought anything we could make.

In our family we repurposed and recycled long before Pinterest. If we saw something we wanted we got busy trying to figure out a way to get it without having to spend money we didn’t have. We learned how to be creative out of necessity.

My sister, Kim, designs greeting cards. This is only one of the many things she’s taught herself how to do, and this is the one I want to showcase today. Not only does she enjoy making them, but she’s good at what she does.100_0700

Working full-time, taking care of a husband and two boys doesn’t leave a lot of downtime, but she always managed to find the time for a project. This is what she has to say about the subject.

Creating & designing cards is one of my most enjoyable hobbies. Since starting this journey over 10 years ago through colorful papers, 100_0699embellishments, ribbons & stamps, I have made dozens of cards for all occasions.  I usually start with color scheme, or pattern then build from there.  I have also incorporated many personal photos for the main focal point.  Equally inspirational is some of my sons’ artwork that I have included in my designs.  My sister, Susan and I are fortunate to inherit our artistic abilities from both our Father & Mother.


As you can see, it takes talent to mix the right colors, the right graphics and the right sentiment. Sometimes it’s tedious work. I know. I’ve done it before. And my efforts are nowhere near as good as hers. And there’s another thing, too. People love to get a card they know has been especially made for them. It makes them feel special.