cropped-img_0805Winter has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. The sun is almost gone by 5:30 and one of my favorite things to do on a cold Friday night is to snuggle up on the couch in my pajamas with popcorn, hot chocolate and a good movie.

When my husband was still alive, it’s one of the things we enjoyed doing together. He preferred romantic comedies and I liked action flicks, but we both liked Sci-fi. And there was nothing better than finding a ‘sleeper’ neither of us knew anything about.

I still love a good movie. These days I watch alone or with my sister. But there’s another movie buff in the family. My 11 year old grandson, Caleb. Last night he came over to watch Skull Island with me, and we had so much fun.

At first, he wasn’t sure about the ‘scary’ parts. We had a lengthy discussion where he informed me getting scared really bad could lead to a heart attack. Finally we compromised. I told him if that happened we’d either fast forward the movie or he could go into the other room until the scene was over.

Halfway through he realized King Kong was a good guy and started rooting for him. When it was over and we were both full of various snacks, he said “Granny, this was fun. We’re going to have to do it again.” I don’t have to tell you that made my day.

I need to remember. Especially this time of year.

It’s the little things that count!