DSCF1308Here in Texas, the first day of fall sometimes slips by virtually unnoticed, but this year was an exception. It began with a downpour. Heavy dark clouds, a little fog, and chilly weather set the tone for the day.

Made me want to pull out my recipes. After months of salads and quick meals, nothing sounds (or smells) better than a pot of homemade soup and hot bread. I’ve already changed my comforter and added another thin cotton quilt for cooler nights to come. My tub of fall decorations is sitting in the living room, waiting.

Soon it’ll be time to get out and look at all the fall decorations, search for the red mums and colorful pumpkins I use on my front porch. October is a busy month. Our town hosts Autumn Trails every year so there’s something going on every weekend. My daughter and I usually go to the Arts and Crafts show for her birthday. My sister and I plan to go to Canton to celebrate our birthday at the end of the month. And every year my son and daughter-in-law host a Halloween party.

I’m looking forward to it.