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For those of you who’ve been waiting along with me, From Now On, the sequel to Not Long Ago, will be out on May 23rd. Here’s another bit of exciting news I want to share. You can pre-order now at MuseItUp at a 20% discount. Not only that, but Muse is offering Not Long Ago as a free bonus read!!

If you enjoyed the first book, you’re going to like this one even better. Erin returns to Griffin’s world and dives headfirst into adventure. She reconnects with old friends and makes new ones, travels to a mysterious island and uncovers a secret that sends her reeling. And I know you’re dying to ask what happens between Erin and Griffin, but my lips are sealed. You’ll have to read From Now On to find out.

Preorder today! https://museituppublishing.com/bookstore/index.php/museityoung/action-adventure/from-now-on-detail

See you in a couple of months!